WRC is broadcasting every stage of its races in 2018

NASCAR should take a page out of a competitor’s book to make life easier for fans
Jason Smith/Getty Images

Many NASCAR fans have been frustrated with how the sport is televised, and ratings decreased in 2017 at many races.

There haven’t been many solutions presented to fix the problem, but NASCAR might want to look at the model that the World Rally Championship just presented for its fans,

The WRC is offering a package where it broadcasts every stage of its races as they happen, as well as interviews, podium ceremonies, autograph sessions and press conferences. Anything related to WRC can be viewed as it’s happening for $10.83 per month or $108.40 for the entire year.

NASCAR splits its coverage between FOX and NBC, but the races are on more than just those two channels. Sometimes they’re on FOX, and sometimes they’re on FS1. Sometimes they’re on NBC, and other times they’re on NBC Sports Network. It can be difficult for fans to keep up with where a race is being broadcasted.

A package like what the WRC is offering would make things simple for fans, and they could have all the information they needed right in front of them.

Would fans being willing to pay $10 a month for unlimited NASCAR access? It’s at least something executives should look into, especially if it is a successful model for WRC.

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