You won’t believe what this guy did to his Mercedes.

From the same crazy guy who ran an engine on tequila with a see through cylinder head, we now have a series on destroying a once expensive Mercedes, all in super slow motion. Matt Mikka is from Chicago, and he’s sort of a mad scientist. Matt runs the YouTube channel Warped Perception. He loves really expensive camera gear and walking that fine line between awesome footage and major injury.

In his latest six(!) part series, we get a unique vantage point of the utter destruction of a 2003 Mercedes-Benz E320. The car was given to Matt by Mercedes-Benz of Chicago, as the previous owner had abandoned the car at the dealer in pretty rough shape. He fixed the car with a new set of coil springs, a coolant hose and some air in the tires and off it went to pothole city.

His first run is over some pretty nasty Chicago potholes and the car does surprisingly well. It’s probably used to this kind of terrain if it’s a local car. Next up, Matt does the unthinkable and tears off almost every body panel, door or piece of sheet metal this car has. The German engineers who designed the car were rolling over in their graves. Well, they are probably all still alive but you get it.

He goes at it one more time as a “see through car,” and the footage was amazing. Matt gets airborne, breaks stuff and generally does what everyone secretly wants to do to a car, but has no idea how to explain it to their insurance company.

We can’t wait for the rest of this series.

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