Wolfgang Porsche shares his top 5 favorite Porsches

Dr. Wolfgang Porsche is the grandson of Porsche found Ferdinand Porsche. His older brother Butzi designed the 911. Wolfgang is a competent metalworker in his own right, but he’s not getting his hands dirty these days. Dr. Porsche (how cool would that look on a business card?) helps run the good ship Porsche AG. He recently sat down with the Porsche video team to chat about his all-time top five favorite Porsches. While it would’ve been cute if he mentioned a son or grandchild as one of his favorite Porsches, he stuck to the cars.

The video kicks off with Dr. Porsche welcoming us to his home and into his garage. Right away, we’re blown away by the cleanliness and quality of the garage and the contents within. Wolfgang kicks off his list with the Porsche 911 Turbo S, specifically a downright stunning green 993 example that is painted in a family color. This was the favorite shade of Ferry Porsche, son of Porsche founder Ferdinand Porsche, and most of his cars were apparently painted in this hue.

Oddly, the video states that the car is a 1993 model, but the 993 didn’t come to life until 1994. The 993 Turbo S didn’t arrive until 1997, and just 183 examples were built. You can tell this is a Turbo S thanks to those bright yellow brake calipers.

Next up, Wolfgang picks his Carrera GT as one of his favorites. We can’t argue with this choice. The Carrera GT remains one of the best sounding cars ever built. That’s because it offers an otherworldly howl from its V-10 engine. This is a car with true ties to motorsport, and it’s a rewarding best to drive.

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The third spot is occupied by Wolfgang’s Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid. With this plug-in hybrid, you’ll find 550 horsepower from the combustion engine while the electric motor delivers another 130 hp. You can be green and ungodly fast at the same time. Finished in the now quite popular Chalk paint color, the car manages to look understated and awesome at the same time. You’d be hard pressed to find a better daily driver.

Some Porsche purists might turn up their nose at the newer stuff, but Wolfgang is here to set those folks straight. Ferry himself would’ve asked why someone would be driving one of the older models when the new ones are clearly better.

Still, the older cars wonderful and that’s why a Porsche 356 America Roadster sits in the fourth spot on this list. A truly gorgeous machine, this 1952 America Roadster is a model designed for the U.S. market. Wolfgang loves the low cut doors, which allow him to hang his arm out the side while underway. Additionally, the Stone Gray color is quite similar to the Chalk found on his Panamera. Though the 70-hp four-cylinder engine isn’t quite the same.

Finally, we arrive at Wolfgang’s Porsche 356 Carrera 2000. Once again we’re treated to a stunning machine finished in Irish Green paint. With 130 hp, Wolfgang considers this one a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It looks beautiful but it’s also quite powerful. We can only imagine how glorious it would be to grip that Nardi steering wheel and head off through the Alps.

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Wolfgang Porsche has a heck of a set of cars at his disposal, yet we can only nod along in agreement with his picks for his top five favorite.

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