We’ve seen high speed chases, but not like this

High speed chases aren’t that uncommon. You can find any number on YouTube.

But a high speed chase on beach? Now, that’s something.

The incident happened in Pismo Beach in San Luis Obispo County, California, and the county’s sheriff’s department described what happened in a press release.

Authorities were on the lookout for a wanted man for a parole violation when they spotted him driving a white Lexus. Authorities pursued the suspect but terminated the chase due to safety reasons; they then found the suspect about 90 minutes later and took up another pursuit. The suspect drove through Pismo Beach and then on to the Oceano Dunes state beach.

But his car got stuck in the sand, and he ran into the water, where he was apprehended at gun point.

Pismo Beach Police, and State Park Rangers were also involved on the chase. Here’s what the release said about the suspect:

The suspect is identified as 38-year-old Joshua Anthony Jordan of Bakersfield. He is wanted in two counties. Jordan is wanted in San Benito County for making felony criminal threats. And he is wanted in Kern County on a no bail warrant for a parole violation. He was transported to County Jail and is facing new charges. He was arrested for felony willful cruelty to a child with possible injury or death because families and children were playing on the beach and had to run for safety to avoid being hit by Jordan. Jordan also faces a charge of felony evading a peace officer in a reckless manner

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