Watch this Porsche 911 get a concours-level paint job

Larry Kosilla is our favorite type of automotive mad man. Without his obsession to detail, he wouldn’t be a detail king and the person bringing Ammo NYC cleaning products to the world.

In order to detail a vehicle at the level Larry achieves, you have to be a bit obsessed. He might say focused, but we’re not going to quibble on the words. He’s great at his job. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise then that for Larry’s own vehicle to receive a new paint job, it’s going to be one performed at a very high standard.

The car in question here is Kosilla’s beloved Porsche 964. His black 911 is a vehicle that Larry enjoys driving and he drives it often, including stints on the race track. It wasn’t a perfect vehicle when Larry bought it, but he recently learned how imperfect it actually was. A sunroof car, Larry wanted the whole vehicle taken down to bare metal to address body issues. While doing so, he found a number of rust areas and decided to also swap the entire roof over for a non-sunroof setup.

Once the metal work was done, it was time for fresh paint. Kosilla is keeping the car black, and that’s a tough paint job to get perfect. This team tasked with doing so, however, is incredibly skilled. The finished product is immaculate and the car is in the best shape of its life.

Our favorite part though? Larry still plans to track his Porsche.

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