Watch what happens to an ambulance during a side impact crash

An ambulance is an incredibly tough workhorse. You know it’s going to be strong, but did you ever think how strong an ambulance really is?

Well, Braun Ambulances put together a crash test demonstration to show just how tough this life-saving box on wheels really is. The demonstration involves one of the company’s rigs and a Ford F-150 lined up a few hundred feet away.

The pickup truck is aimed squarely at the side of the ambulance. It rockets down its path of assured destruction where it is to connect with the ambulance at the side and rear axle. The truck hits hard and its crumple zones do their engineered work. This F-150 is bound for the scrapyard.

On the other side of this two-vehicle tango, however, is an ambulance that looks like it was in a minor fender bender. It’s as if the driver accidentally took a turn too tight and scraped the side a bit. If you saw the result of the accident before the actual hit or the other vehicle involved, you’d assume the ambulance was hit by a Mitsubishi Mirage wearing a pillow on its grill.

To say the ambulance is tough is now very much an understatement. This is a rolling bank vault, and it’s designed to keep its occupants safe. Even if the outside of the vehicle is attacked by a t-bone prone full-size truck.

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