VW Golf R buyers can now add factory-blessed Akrapovič titanium exhaust


You may not have heard of Akrapovič, but the Slovenian company would love for you to take a closer listen to its product. Specifically, the specialist exhaust company has announced a new partnership with Volkswagen to supply a titanium exhaust system for the updated Golf R due here for the 2018 model year.

Akrapovič worked with VW to ensure the system was a glass slipper for the Golf R utilizing hydroforming technology, 3D laser cutting, and parts from its in-house titanium foundry. The finish of the exhaust also features anti-corrosion and high-temperature materials to ensure resistance to whatever elements could potentially cause harm to the system. Not to mention, the exhaust shaves over 15 pounds from the Golf R’s weight.

But, for an exhaust to succeed, it must have the pipes. Akrapovič is confident its work with VW has crafted the perfect tone for the Golf R’s turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-4. Sound engineers studied interior and exterior tones and analyzed numerous prototypes. After combing data, the final product is said to combine the best cruising speed and wide-open-throttle tones with plenty of popping at high revs to bring out the Golf R’s inner rally stage persona.

Akrapovič titanium exhaust for MkVII Volkswagen Golf R

Akrapovič titanium exhaust for MkVII Volkswagen Golf R

Power levels are unchanged, though. The updated Golf R produces 305 horsepower in its European spec. Numbers for the United States are yet to be confirmed.

The Golf R has long been a serious hot hatch. With close to 300 horses and all-wheel drive, it has always meant business, but remained tactfully subdued. With a little help from Akrapovič, though, the Golf R seems to be letting its hair down.

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VW will be offering the exhaust in a special Golf R Performance trim that also sees the popular hot hatch enhanced with air curtains in the front bumper, a rear diffuser and uprated brakes. Unfortunately, local availability is yet to be announced.

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