Volvo introduces electric delivery/garbage truck with 186-mile range

Volvo Truck FL electric commercial truck

Volvo Trucks has introduced its first battery-electric truck meant for commercial duty: the FL. The company said the FL will bring the benefits of battery-electric vehicles to the inner-city distribution and garbage collection industries.

Per Volvo’s announcement, the FL will go up to estimated 186 miles on a single charge with between two and six lithium-ion batteries providing 100-300 kwh of capacity. The motors produce 248 max horsepower and 174 hp of continuous output. Torque sits at 313 pound-feet. The trucks are equipped with a 2-speed transmission.

Volvo Truck FL electric commercial truck

For its range of duties, Volvo said the FL boasts a gross vehicle weight rating of just under 18 tons.

When it comes time to plug in the commercial truck, the FL will accept standard charging methods and DC fast charging. The latter will absolutely be the better bet as it will charge the FL completely in 1-2 hours. Plugging the truck in via any other means will take up to 10 hours.

Volvo Truck FL electric commercial truck

The FL’s introduction paves the way for better air quality, especially as European countries crack down on emissions. The FL operates in near silence, which will allow for companies to perform various deliveries and activities at night and reduce noise pollution in cities. According to research in the The Off Peak City Distribution project conducted in Stockholm, the electric truck helped workers complete their various tasks in one-third of the time by operating at night and avoiding peak traffic periods.

Volvo’s FL isn’t the first electric vehicle meant for commercial use. Sister company Volvo Buses has sold 4,000 electric buses since 2010. Learnings from the bus program helped shape the FL electric-truck program.

The first two Volvo FL trucks will go into service with refuse collection and recycling company Renova and haulage firm TGM. Following the FL, Volvo has plans for a battery-electric semi truck, which will is set to debut in 2019.

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