Volkswagen channels the enthusiast for 5 new concepts

The aftermarket and modifying community has long had a love affair with Volkswagen vehicles, and it seems the German automaker is tapping into said love affair.

VW this week revealed five new concept vehicles headed to the European Experience in Savannah, Georgia, which is on now and runs until May 21.

The five concepts were designed with an effort to channel various facets of VW enthusiasts, ranging from the Beetle, Golf, and Jetta. That means a lot of lowered suspension, big wheels, and wider body kits.

Volkswagen Beetle Post concept

Volkswagen Beetle Post concept

First up is the Volkswagen Beetle Post concept. The Beetle Post honors championship-winning BMX rider Alise Post who helped design it. Beginning with a standard Beetle R-Line, the Post concept adds two custom GW bikes, 19-inch Mr. Drama Queen wheels, and H&R Springs street performance coil-over suspension that drops the Beetle closer to the ground.

The Jetta Nardo concept adds subtle nods to performance and borrows a popular exterior color from the Audi brand: Nardo Gray. A similar H&R Springs street performance coil-over suspension system is present as is a set of BFGoodrich G-Force Comp-2 tires.

Volkswagen says the Nardo concept will sport a new set of HRE wheels every time it makes a public appearance. At the European Experience, it will feature HRE FF01 Flow Form wheels.

Volkswagen Golf GTI RS concept

Volkswagen Golf GTI RS concept

Likely to be the most popular of the five are two separate Volkswagen Golf concepts: one GTI and one R. The Golf GTI RS concept really plays on the current modifying community trends. It’s been slammed to the ground with help from Sam Dobbins, Creative Director at Vossen Wheels.

Dobbins helped outfit the Golf GTI RS concept with a wide body kit, which is said to have been influenced by Japan’s Rocket Bunny body kits. Furthermore, the kit ensures zero wheel rub occurs when the Golf is moving—a common problem from “stanced” vehicles, as the kids like to say. There’s also a set of low-profile roof crossbars and a carrier box for storage.

Inside the Golf GTI RS, the interior has been stripped to reveal the bare minimum, but a polished aluminum floor pan and racing seats are a couple notable, eye-catching features. Of course, the GTI RS rides on Vossen wheels, too.

Volkswagen Golf R Heritage concept

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Volkswagen Golf R Heritage concept

Our personal favorite, and most grounded in respect to aftermarket trends, is the Golf R Heritage concept. A group of stripes running down the side of the concept mimic the German flag’s colors and provide a healthy dose of contrast from the black exterior hue. A white lower rocker also spells out the wheels the R Heritage concept wears, again, Vossens. Bridgestone G-Force Comp-2 tires provide extra grip and H&R Springs is once again present to lower the Golf R Heritage.

Finally, Volkswagen decided to give the Golf Alltrack some love with the Alltrack Country concept. Inspired by the third-generation Golf Country special edition—one of the most unnecessarily cool vehicles VW ever produced—the Alltrack Country concept features an additional 2-inch lift for greater ground clearance.

A hitch mounted bike rack, roof-mounted tent system, a solar heated shower, a dash of LED lighting help give the Alltrack some added off-road pizazz. In the trunk, VW has mounted an entertainment center which is charged via a solar panel and three onboard batteries. Very cool, but maybe not Golf Country cool.

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack Country concept

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack Country concept

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