Vin Diesel announces "Fast and Furious Live" show, promises extreme action

So, over-the-top onscreen cinematics aren’t enough for “Fast and Furious” fans? Never fear, Vin Diesel is here to announce “Fast and Furious Live” and promise incredible stunts and “extreme action” will ensue.

Diesel took to Facebook Live to announce the new project, but only in name. It’s unclear what exactly will take place during “Fast and Furious Live” and if other stars of the film series will be involved. Diesel said he’s shooting the show now in New York, but said the global tour would likely kick off at the 02 Arena in London, England.

Speaking of England, another England-based popular car-themed entertainment brand recently did a live series. That would be “Top Gear,” and according to, many of the same organizers who worked on “Top Gear Live” have been tapped to make “Fast and Furious Live” a success. Aside from the promised “extreme action,” the show will incorporate “flaming, nitrous-charged exhausts” and a host of other wild stunts involving some of the series’ most beloved cars.

Aside from the announcement, not much else is known about the live show, but January 2018 is the published kick-off date for the global tour. Tour dates and cities have not been revealed yet either, though it seems likely the show will arrive in the United States at some point. The blockbuster franchise was birthed on the streets of Los Angeles, after all.

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