Underground Racing Lamborghini broke its own half-mile speed record

The world of half-mile racing is on a continual quest for higher speeds. One of the leaders of this adventurous pack is Underground Racing, the North Carolina shop that takes Lamborghini engine modification to dizzying heights. We’re talking 3,000 horsepower heights to be specific. Last year, Underground Racing set a new half-mile record when one of its twin-turbocharged Huracans hit 257 mph with Gidi Chamdi at the wheel. That record fell the weekend of June 16-17 as Underground Racing went even faster.

The 1320video team was on hand in Colorado for the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack event held by Shift-S3ctor. Two cars were on hand to threaten the record, a massively modified Nissan GT-R and the same yellow UGR Huracan that set the last record.

As the video shows, the trap speeds come in hot right out of the gate. The cars start “easy” with a few 240- and 250-mph runs. But the competition marches on and the 257-mph record run looms large in the minds of both GT-R driver Lucas English and Lamborghini driver and Underground Racing owner Kevin “KC” Howeth. Everything seems perfect. The weather is right and the stage is set.

Howeth seems poised to set the record and he ends up doing it, well sort of. He puts up the same exact 256.99 that he did a few months ago. But the competition isn’t over.

Howeth goes out again. Lined up on the runway, the smooth tarmac unfolds ahead of the nose of the madly modified bull. A wave of the flag signals that it’s time to put the hammer down. Well, nearly time, because throttle application here requires an initial light touch before laying into the pedal. Traction issues play a role when dealing with 3,000 horsepower.

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Once the car is rolling, though, it’s clearly game on. Pedal meets floor and the drama begins to unfold. But this is controlled and focused drama. The cameras do a good job of keeping up with the streaking yellow Italian road rocket as it crosses the light beam of the finish line. Announcers do their best to build tension and the crowd is on edge before it all erupts.

They’ve done it.

The new half-mile speed record is 259 mph. It’s 259.67 to be exact, which means the 260-mph club is about to open its doors. It’s not fair to compare modified cars to production vehicles, but let’s put that aside for a moment. When Koenigsegg set its top-speed record, the car needed just over one mile to hit 249 mph.

This Lamborghini would’ve been well ahead by that point.

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