Two were killed after a drag race turned into a deadly crash

Two Mustangs decided to drag race on Christmas Day, and the results turned tragic
Spaceman Reporter/Twitter

A Christmas Day drag race between two Mustangs turned into a tragic accident involving three cars in Houston, Texas.

The crash killed two people and injured two more, according to ABC 13 in Houston.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said the drivers in the two Mustangs were drag racing at speeds of over 90 mph on Sam Houston Tollway. He said one of the Mustang drivers, in his mid-40s, t-boned an SUV and then hit an Acura.

Both the driver of the Mustang and the driver of the SUV were killed. The driver and a passenger in the Acura were injured.

The other Mustang driver wasn’t injured, but he now faces the possibility of multiple charges.

According to ABC 13, the speed limit on the stretch where they were racing is 45 mph, meaning the Mustangs were going over twice the speed limit.

It was a tragic accident, and our thoughts go out to the families of the drivers killed in the crash.

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