Twin-turbo Lamborghini Huracán sets new 1/2 mile world record of 250 mph

Underground Racing is back at it, and it seems nothing can slow the shop down.

Less than seven months after the performance house set the half-mile world record of 247 mph in a Lamborghini Huracán it built, it’s back, this time with Gidi Chamdi behind the wheel of its latest Huracán built for smashing record.

This time, Underground Racing, its twin-turbo Huracán and Chamdi smashed the previous record by clocking a 250.27 mph speed over the half mile at the recent WannaGoFast shootout in North Carolina.

There aren’t specific power figures but the car is said to be packing around 3,000 horsepower. Underground Racing has a knack for keeping cars relatively stock looking, too, which makes the build even more impressive since there isn’t a lot of aerodynamic gadgetry. There isn’t a parachute, either.

If Chamdi’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he truly has a need for speed. Earlier this year, he also piloted the world’s first six-second Nissan GT-R through the quarter mile. In the process, he also helped the AMS-built GT-R claim the title of world’s first six-second all-wheel-drive car as well. When Chamdi ran that particular run, he said it “felt slow.” That’s probably a valid observation since the guy spends his time clocking 250 mph-plus top speed runs.

Keep in mind, this record applies to street-legal cars—though what someone would do with 3,000 hp on tap in traffic is beyond us. There are faster machines out there, but this Huracán can be a grocery getter and a Veyron-bating top speed thrill.

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