This twin-turbo Lamborghini Huracán makes 1,439 hp at the wheels and runs 8s

High horsepower figures and low quarter mile times are the order of the day of late. Some of that is owed to all of the Dodge Demon news, while other flashes of interest are being created by tuners all over the world. You can now add Gosha Turbo Tech to that list thanks to its twin-turbocharged Lamborghini Huracán GTT-X.

Recently, Gosha Turbo Tech showed off its modified Huracánwith the embedded video that shared the power figure. Apparently, this beefed-up bull is now making 1,439 horsepower and that figure is for energy generated at the wheels. You can see a handful of quarter-mile runs in this clip as well, and each one is in the eight-second range.

Now we have the video at the top of the page, which shows the car pushing even harder. It has dipped all the way down to an 8.37-second run in the quarter mile with a trap speed of 170 mph. It achieved these numbers while still running on street tires and using the stock gearbox. Additionally, these were apparently low-boost tests so that means even more power can be dialed up.

The Gosha Turbo Tech website might still be under construction, but the cars it can build are clearly ready to rock. 

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