Trailer released for Edd China’s 2nd new car show: “Built By Many”

Leaving “Wheeler Dealers” last year over creative differences may end up being the best thing to happen to our favorite car restorer Edd China. That’s because he’s now working on not one, but two new car shows.

Only last month we saw a pilot episode for “Edd China’s Garage Revival,” a show where China travels abroard to meet owners of project cars that have gone nowhere, and then help them complete the build.

Now we have the first details on a second show he’ll feature in: “Built By Many.” This one is also an online show for now, and as the name suggests “Built By Many” will see China team up with others to work on cars. A regular on the show will be China’s old college mate Al Cox, and they will be joined by audience members and periodic collaborators, including Savile Row tailor William Hunt and musician Paul Stewart.

The first car to be featured will be a Series 1 Jaguar E-Type from 1968. It’s in need of a lot of work and China and crew will be working over the next 12 months to fully restore it. In a unique twist, the show will detail much of the restoration work in full instead of all the magic happening away from the camera. The result should be a wealth of “how to” videos to help you along with your own restoration project.

“Built By Many” is expected to start this summer and the first trailer was released on Friday.

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