Thousands of more Tesla Supercharger stations coming

Tesla Supercharger for city centers

In the coming days, we should have an updated map showing exactly where “thousands” of new Tesla Supercharger stations will pop up in the near future, per Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Musk responded to a vehicle owner via Twitter on Wednesday and said the “thousands” of new stations are currently under construction or remain in a permitting stage. The added Superchargers likely come as the automaker begins to ramp up production of the Model 3.

Since the beginning of 2018, Tesla has added 121 new stations. In his reply, Musk did not confirm any specific new areas, but did tell the Twitter use Kevin Mitnick that Woodland Hills, California would be included in the expansion. The majority of the new stations feature 10 to 12 stalls for Tesla vehicles to charge.

The company’s most recent push to expand its Supercharger footprint has been in metropolitan areas. Last September, Tesla announced new stations in the urban areas of Chicago, Illinois and Boston. At the time, Tesla said the goal of the city expansion was to give Model 3 owners more locations to charge their vehicle. The company imagines more Model 3 owners will live in or near cities. These urban stations do not charge as quickly as traditional Supercharger posts, however, and Tesla caps them at 72 kilowatts versus 135 at traditional stations.

Tesla also said last year it plans to bring its global Supercharger station tally to 10,000. Right now, the figure hovers around 5,400. Additionally, the automaker operates 9,000 Destination Chargers at hotels, restaurants, and other locations to provide an at-home charging experience on the go.

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