There’s a reason this Ferrari F40 costs $1.3 million

So why is a 26-year-old car priced at $1.3 million? YouTuber Doug DeMuro delves into a 1991 Ferrari F40 to review one of the most unique cars to have ever graced the roads.

The first thing that’s noticeable about the F40 is its utilitarian design. It’s thought that this was the last car Enzo Ferrari played a significant role in designing, because of that the F40 is an exercise in practicality.

There is no leather trim; there are no luxury features; there are three gauges in the center dash; and, at least on the Euro models, there’s very little fuss made over anything resembling safety measures.

At the end of the day, this what a Ferrari was always meant to be: brutal, fast, and slightly insane. The car rides low and rough, because all of the attention towards the design and performance of this car was centered around making a street-legal race car.

It’s beautiful, and it’s exactly what Ferrari should strive for again.

Turns out $1.3 million is just enough for this car.

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