This Texan got a free car just for walking

There are still a few good people out there, at least in Texas.

Standup Texan Andy Mitchell stumbled across Justin Korva one day and give the 20-year-old a ride to work. Korva works at Taco Casa in Rockwall, Texas, and walked three miles to work and back every day. After finding out Korva’s struggle, Mitchell set out to do something.

He set up a donation jar in a local restaurant and began raising money to buy Korva a car, and, in under a week, the good Samaritan had enough change scraped together, $6,000, to buy a Toyota Camry, $500 worth of gas, two years of oil changes, and a year of car insurance for Korva.

Fox 4 caught wind of the plot to help a fellow human out, and recorded the surprise reveal on camera. It’s good that they did, because if there’s one thing the news needs more of these days, it’s feel good stories about people being bros.

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