Tesla teases Model Y electric SUV due in 2019

Teaser for Tesla Model Y electric SUV due in 2019

Teaser for Tesla Model Y electric SUV due in 2019

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Tuesday revealed new details about the company’s planned Model Y electric SUV due in 2019, including this teaser shot.

The Model Y will be a small SUV similar in size to the Model 3 due in July. It will also feature falcon wing doors like the larger Model X and target vehicles like BMW’s electric X3 and Mercedes-Benz’s EQC due in 2019 and 2018, respectively.

The teaser shot is devoid of major details though curiously it does show the Model Y without any side mirrors, suggesting the vehicle may rely on tiny rear-facing cameras as opposed to bulky, aero-sapping side mirrors. Whether that will become a production reality will depend on regulators, however.

The teaser image was shown during Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting held on Tuesday in Mountain View, California.

Tesla Model 3 design prototype - reveal event - March 2016

Tesla Model 3 design prototype – reveal event – March 2016

Speaking at the meeting, Musk reiterated Tesla’s plan to base the Model Y on a new, fourth-generation platform instead of the third-generation platform of the Model 3. Musk has previously suggested the platform will be ready for production in late 2019, at the earliest.

Speaking of production, Musk said the Model Y will likely need to be manufactured at a new plant as Tesla’s plant in Fremont, California will be at capacity with Model S, Model X and Model 3 production. He said the Model Y will likely be the company’s most popular model and that new manufacturing techniques could allow Tesla to produce the vehicle at much lower capital costs than even the Model 3.

The Model Y wasn’t the only big deal at the shareholder meeting. Musk also revealed a few new details about Tesla’s electric semi-trailer truck that was teased in April and due to be revealed in prototype form in September.

He said he’s already revealed the truck to potential buyers and that they all love the design and want to know how soon they can take delivery. Musk said the potential buyers, mostly transport companies that buy numerous trucks, have been involved with the project since an early stage. He also said volume production of the truck will likely start in the next 18-24 months.

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