Take a peek at the Ford GT production line thanks to Turn 10 Studios

Alan Hartman, the man in charge of video game developer Turn 10 Studios, isn’t hurting for cash. He must enjoy automobiles, too, seeing as his firm is responsible for the “Forza” franchise.

Hartman is also one of “The Chosen,” the lucky few who raised their hand when Ford asked who wanted to purchase the modern GT supercar. He was picked to have the privilege of doing so. Now, Turn 10 is chronicling the adventure, and the latest installment involves a trip to the production line.

Alan Hartman is joined by his game company’s vehicle art director, Gabe Garcia, and the pair take a tour of motorsport engineering firm Multimatic’s factory in Canada. This is where Ford is cranking out its GTs, and it’s also where that glorious spool-valve-dampened suspension system is developed for a handful of other vehicles.

2017 Ford GT Job One

2017 Ford GT Job One

The tour winds through a variety of areas and even shows off a bit of the torture testing that a new GT must undergo. Along the way, Alan and Gabe muse over the various color offerings applied to the Blue Oval supercar. The gray example featured in the video looks to be the GT recently delivered to Jack Roush.

Finally, before the tour ends, we wind up staring at a Heritage Edition car and Alan reveals that this is the one that will wind up gracing the lobby of Turn 10 Studios. We hope it does more than that, as its 647-horsepower engine will be yearning for fuel, oil, and air.

If Hartman doesn’t want to drive it, just toss the keys to Dan Greenawalt. The Creative Director at Turn 10 is a full-on car nut, and we’re sure he could find a few good roads around the office.

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