What to do when Summer reminds you your AC is broken

Pro tip: If you haven’t had to use your A/C over the last few months, looking at you, anywhere that still gets that thing called “Winter,” go ahead and grab a DIY recharge kit from the local auto shop and top everything off before you get stuck in traffic on a hot summer day with no A/C.

The kits are pretty cheap, they top off at around $40, and will save you hours of discomfort in the sweltering heat. Seriously, this summer is looking like it’ll be insane; do yourself a favor and fix your A/C.

Plus, you can think of this as an investment in multiple areas of your life. Not only will you be more comfortable in your car, but you’ll sweat a whole lot less and probably smell a whole lot better. That date you’ve been trying to land? Well, you have a much better chance if you don’t smell like a gym. That’s a major plus for you and everyone around you!

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