Startup wants to 3D-print your car design

As kids, it was the dream of many auto enthusiasts to design a car just for ourselves. Well, there’s a startup company for that. Called Hackrod, the new company wants its customers to do the designing while modern technology engineers it and 3D printers bring it to life.

The company envisions prototypes created with a special virtual reality software that can then be brought to life using 3D printers. Thus, the consumer becomes the “co-creator.” Right now, Hackrod has only shown one concept named the La Bandita. The car features a VR-designed body with a 3D-scanned chassis from a real-life race car. The company said in its MicroVentures listing that this car will continue to showcase its technology and bring the “vision of consumer as co-creator vehicle design closer to reality.”

Hackrod La Bandita made from 3D printed parts

Ideally, if every component and piece of the required technology comes to fruition, customers, or “co-creators,” will be able to select their own custom options while an intelligent digital platform sources components, engineering, and other hardware.

The Hackrod team believes it can connect various emerging technology sectors and show current manufacturers they are stuck in the past. But, the idea of 3D printing vehicle components isn’t all that new.

Hackrod La Bandita made from 3D printed parts

Notably, Mercedes-Benz 3D printed its first replacement part from metal last August. The part not only functions, it also passed the brand’s stringent quality tests. The idea of 3D printing vehicle parts could redefine how automakers supply components, and also open up a catalog of long out-of-production parts.

For more insight into Hackrod’s philosophy and technology, click on the video above.

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