Someone built a Mustang sedan using an Aussie Ford Falcon

Ford Mustang sedan based on Falcon

The Ford Mustang never spawned a four-door model, although it’s about to influence a future performance SUV with an electric powertrain. However, one individual has taken it upon his or herself to build what we see here.

It’s none other than a Ford Mustang sedan featuring the design of the fifth-generation pony car but the running gear of the Australian Ford Falcon. We’re likely looking at a sixth-generation Falcon sedan as the basis of this creation, judging by its rear end and greenhouse, which was built during the 2000s.

On one hand, this build is mighty impressive. The Mustang’s front fascia would have anyone fooled when looking at the car dead in the headlights, but the side profile (obviously) gives the car’s Falcon roots away. The rear end, well, is somewhat odd looking with an elongated tail housing the Falcon’s large trunk (the cars were popular for taxi use). Somewhat humorously, this creation has been posted to both lame car mods and awesome car mods threads.

Ford Mustang sedan based on Falcon

Whoever created the Mustang sedan channeled the GT500 as best he or she could. The hood takes the previous-generation GT500’s design cues, black stripes, and Shelby badges. Again, things are just a little lost in translation at the rear.

Perhaps the owner can take solace in knowing the Ford Mustang is officially on sale in Australia. The pony car debuted down under for the sixth-generation in factory right-hand drive to provide relief from the lack of a homegrown Ford Falcon. Ford ended production in the country in 2016, which took the rear-wheel-drive Falcon away in the process.

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Rival Holden, a General Motors subsidiary, also pulled the plug on manufacturing last year. And to rival the Mustang, GM has officially begun exporting the sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro to Australia, though the cars require right-hand drive conversions via specialist company HSV.

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