Skitching on rollerblades is what passes for acceptable transport in some small towns

Good ideas for when you’re bored in a town where the largest building seems to be a church: rollerblading, driving your truck, going to the gas station for a Big Gulp and a hot dog. Bad ideas for alleviating boredom in a town where steeples qualify as skyscrapers: holding onto the back of a truck, while you rollerblade  to the nearest gas station for a Big Gulp and a hot dog.

This kind of stuff is what dashcams were invented for. Sure, it is nice to have proof of a potential accident, but who would have believed this guy when he said he saw a rollerblader skitching on the back of a semi truck without video evidence? No one. That’s who.

Source: Guy on roller blades hitches ride on back of truck by kevin55 on Rumble

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