This scary wreck would have been so easy to avoid

This crash is one of those that, however scary the situation might be, you don’t feel bad for the drivers who should have clearly been able to avoid the approaching disaster. Cruising down the highway, these two cars head towards a spontaneous dust cloud enveloping the road.

When it is clear that there is little to no visibility, the dashcam-equipped car keeps on motoring until it sees a shadow of a car flying across the road. It is only at this point that she decides that highway speeds while effectively blind are not a great idea and tries to stop before hitting whatever took out the lead car. She almost makes it, too. But, unfortunately, after avoiding the truck responsible for the dust cloud and skidding across the dirt, she wasn’t able to stop before hitting theĀ car that led her into this trap.

The painfully obvious lesson? Maybe don’t blindly follow a car into a suspicious cloud of dust without at least slowing down a bit.

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