Sadler’s spin out captured by visor camera

You’ve got to love technology. Thanks to Elliott Sadler’s in-car visor camera, we get a really cool perspective on what it’s like to spin out during an Xfinity race. Not just spin out, but have so much smoke you can’t see anything.

It was stage 2 of the Kansas Lottery 300. Sadler was up top near the wall on lap 76 when his car spun towards the inside. Fortunately, Sadler’s spin didn’t catch any other drivers. Austin Dillon was the closest to becoming a casualty but managed to steer clear.

The #1 came to a brief stop on the infield grass, then Sadler put it in gear, got back on the track and managed to finish 7th.

Watching this video really makes you appreciate the skill and courage these drivers have week in and out.

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