Ryan Blaney is aiming for NASCAR history at Daytona

Wood Brothers Racing is the longest tenured race team in NASCAR, and 23-year-old Ryan Blaney gave the team their 99th win earlier this season at Pocono.

The win was also Blaney’s first career victory, and he now will have the honor of making NASCAR history with his next win. His next victory will be win No. 100 for Wood Brothers Racing, which would be a milestone victory for the team.

Blaney understands the magnitude of win No. 99 for Wood Brothers, but he downplayed the significance at the discussion of his legacy in a recent interview with FOX News.

“We’re just getting started,” he said. “I don’t want to be known for much. Enjoying the sport and being successful is all you can ask for right now.”

Eddie Wood, the co-owner of Wood Brothers Racing, said Blaney is “old school.”

“Ryan’s got a little old school to him,” Wood said. “He understands the history of the sport and why things happen…. He grew up to be a race car driver, probably didn’t have a choice. He gets it.”

Blaney is going for win No. 2 of his career and win No. 100 for the Wood brothers this 4th of July weekend at Daytona. A win at that track would be prestigious for both himself and his team.

“It’s pride in America,” Blaney said. “July 4th is an America holiday with everything that it represents, and it’s a neat time to be racing that weekend.”

Wood said if he could pick where Blaney would win race No. 100 for the team, it would be at Daytona or Martinsville, which is their hometown track. Wherever the win comes, it will be a monumental accomplishment for both Blaney and Wood Brothers Racing.

(h/t FOX News)

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