The Russians think this monster can take them to the top of the world

So, this would be some engineering feat. The Russians want to go to the North Pole in what the designers claim would be an “unparalleled” amphibious six-wheeler. The six wheel, four-ton beast can carry up to 10 researchers. Here’s the full YouTube description:

Russian engineers dreaming of autonomous expedition to the North Pole are testing a unique amphibious six-wheeler that could carry up to 10 researches to the planet’s extreme and back, enabling the first ever trans-Arctic journey on a vehicle. The four-ton Burlak vehicle was built in line with the concept of the Soviet-made amphibious armored personnel carrier BTR-60 and unparallel to any other amphibious vehicles in the world, as the designers claim. The vehicle is more than six meters long, 2.9 meters wide and 3.2 meters high and the diameter of the wheels is 1.75 meters.

I wonder how comfortable it is?

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