Reborn TVR teases sports car ahead of 2017 Goodwood Revival reveal

Those attending the 2017 Goodwood Revival this September will be in for an extra special treat.

Reborn British sports car brand TVR will unveil its first new model in years at the event, and the company has teased it once again. The latest image comes via the TopGear magazine which reports that a TVR Le Mans comeback might be in the cards, but more on that later.

The new sports car doesn’t actually have a name just yet, though it’s widely believed it will wear the Griffith nameplate. The nameplate was retired in 2002, but TVR registered the name once again in 2016.

TVR worked with Gordon Murray Design to bring the car to life with the first application of the iStream carbon fiber chassis. The chassis is inspired by Formula One design to keep the parts count low and unnecessary weight off of the car. TVR says the car will weigh as little as 2,645 pounds.

TVR chairman Les Edgar (left) and Gordon Murray

TVR chairman Les Edgar (left) and Gordon Murray

That’s not bad considering the car will be powered by a 5.0-liter V-8. The engine will be the same unit fitted to the Ford Mustang GT, albeit massaged by Cosworth to the tune of roughly 480 horsepower. The transmission will be a 6-speed manual.

The first batch of cars will be launch edition vehicles with an estimated price tag of $115,800, and TVR has already tallied over 400 orders. TVR will close order books shortly, but reopen them shortly after the car is revealed in September. If all goes well, TVR hopes to introduce three additional models and produce 2,000 cars by 2022. For the sake of British sports cars, we hope it goes very well indeed.

As for the Le Mans comeback, TVR Chairman Les Edgar told TopGear that competing in the French endurance classic is a key part of the plan. Edgar made his fortune in the 1990s with videogame publisher Bullfrog which in 2001 was fully absorbed into Electronic Arts. It was also in the early 2000s that Edgar led Aston Martin’s return to endurance racing before passing the torch on to David Richards at Prodrive.

The reveal of the new TVR at the Goodwood Revival is scheduled for September 8, 2017. For more coverage on the event, head to our dedicated hub.

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