Reborn TVR Griffith has already tallied over 400 orders

Teaser for new TVR sports car coming in 2017

Teaser for new TVR sports car coming in 2017

TVR was once one of the largest specialized sports car manufacturers in the world. However, its fall from grace was anything but a smooth landing. Since the mid-2000s, TVR has been in near constant limbo.

TVR’s current owners aim to change that, however, and announced the first reborn TVR sports car will be revealed this September. And buyers are very interested. Following a private showing of the vehicle this past March, 400 buyers put a deposit down on the first all-new TVR in years, according to Road and Track. The new model will wear an old badge, reviving the historic Griffith name.

This time around, TVR is tapping Cosworth for a bit of help engineering the Griffith. Previously, details from the British sports car maker peg the Griffith to be a front-engine, rear-wheel drive grand tourer. Power is expected to come from Ford’s 5.0-liter Coyote V-8 engine with Cosworth giving the mill a once over with proper enhancements.

Teaser for new TVR sports car coming in 2017

Teaser for new TVR sports car coming in 2017

Cosworth isn’t the only respectable name onboard with TVR. Gordon Murray has also been on the project and the Griffith is said to be the first car to utilize iStream construction devised by the legendary Formula One race car designer. Don’t know who Murray is? His work has been hung on the walls of young car enthusiasts’ bedrooms for years; Murray was the lead designer behind the iconic McLaren F1 road car.

The first batch of TVR Griffiths are said to be extra special and will utilize even pricier, exotic materials through iStream Carbon construction.

Following the automaker’s reboot, TVR hopes to introduce three additional models and produce 2,000 cars by 2022. Production will take place at TVR’s new factory in Wales, rather than its traditional northwest English home in Blackpool.

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