This precinct is about to have the fastest response times in the country

California’s Riverside Police Department just found its newest recruiting tool, according to The Drive. Yeah, you’d definitely consider taking the oath if it meant you got to drive this beast.

THE Steve Saleen reached out to the Riverside Police Officer’s Association with an idea; he wanted to create, “One of the fastest police vehicles ever built,” and then donate it to the RPOA as a memorial car. Of course, the cops weren’t about to say no.

Saleen then took a stock V8 Mustang and transformed it into a massive 5.0 liter, 730 horsepower beast with 600 lb-ft of torque. The final price tag: nothing. Cool.

The Riverside Police Department then did what they do best and decked the car out with lights and sirens, probably giving the car a serious identity crisis on cash days.

With all that power, it’s pretty safe to say that the Riverside Police Department can now reach their nearest Krispy Kreme in record time.

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