Porsche declined opportunity to destroy McLaren’s Goodwood record

Porsche 919 Evo at the Nürburgring

The Porsche 919 Evo is on a world tour to say goodbye to fans. This trip includes a stop at many race tracks so that the unrestricted racing machine can set some records on its way out. One place it won’t be doing that? The Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Porsche has declined an opportunity to take its mighty 919 Evo up the hill in Chichester. While Porsche of the United Kingdom asked the folks at Porsche Motorsport if they were interested, the racing team decided against making a run. According to , a Porsche Motorsport spokesperson has said that the car itself is “not about setting as many records as possible.”

That’s a bit disappointing to hear, as the 919 Evo has so far proved it’s a truly outrageous machine when let loose in the proper environment. And that environment basically means anywhere with a defined racing surface. At the Nürburgring Nordschleife, Porsche driver Timo Bernahrd shattered the previous ‘Ring record of 6:11.13. Bernhard drove the 919 Evo around the 12.9-mile track in just 5:19.55.

Porsche was in Belgium before that with the goal of setting a new track record at Spa-Francorchamps. The goal was met when driver Neel Jani went around the circuit in 1:41.77. That time bested a 1:42.553 set by Lewis Hamilton in a Formula 1 race car.

The car has a few more stops during its farewell adventure. It will be present at Goodwood, while not making a run up the hill. After that, there are Porsche events at Brands Hatch and Laguna Seca. We believe the Porsche 919 Evo will still attempt a record run around Laguna, as the current time was also set by a Formula 1 race car. This gives the team another chance to show just how potent of a racing machine it’s created.

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While the 919 Evo won’t make the dash to the top of Lord March’s driveway, another member of the Volkswagen Group will. Romain Dumas is set to pilot the VW ID R Pikes Peak electric racer at the Festival of Speed. Right now, Volkswagen is saying it is only eyeing the EV record, which currently sits at 47.34 seconds. That’s electrified hogwash and we all know it. Volkswagen and Dumas both want to best the 41.6 second overall record…and the team is likely to do it as well. The ID R is just that good.

It’s only a shame they can’t be joined by the 919 Evo at the top of the hill.

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