Porsche 911 becomes a family heirloom with a touching story

Cars sometimes bridge a special bond between humans, and the story of this Porsche 911 is no different.

The German sports car marque has put a spotlight on the touching story of a 911 after the car’s owner, Naja, inherited it from his late father.

The 964-era 911 was the final car Naja’s father collected, and after he passed away, the family sold off nearly all of his possessions and cars. But, they gave the 911 to Naja after he and his father built a bond between the brand’s cars. Naja recalls in the video that his father bought him a miniature Porsche as a child, which ignited a passion for the brand.

And to do his father right, Naja undertook a full restoration of the 911. The engine and transmission required a full overhaul, and the paintwork was in need of major work after vast exposure to the rain and sun. The result was a fully rebuilt powertrain and extensive bodywork before Naja applied a fresh coat of factory paint.

Now, Naja feels as though his father sits beside him every time he drives the special Porsche, now restored to its former glory.

Have a look at the whole story of a man and his machine in the video right up above.

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