Polestar 2 electric sedan to feature 350-mile range, 405 horsepower

Volvo 40.2 concept

The Tesla Model 3 will see a direct rival from Volvo Cars’ newly minted Polestar brand, and the first details about the electric car have come out.

Speaking to , Polestar COO Jonathan Goodman said the second Polestar model, fittingly called Polestar 2, will boast up to a 350-mile range, up to 405 horsepower, and start around $40,000. Goodman noted the range will be “as high as” 350 miles, meaning we’ll likely see various range levels based on the 2’s trim levels. Power ratings will likely follow suit, with a range-topping model pushing out the 405 hp figure.

The 2, which will serve as an entry-level model, will follow the Polestar 1, a carbon-fiber-bodied hybrid sport coupe with 600 horsepower. The 1 will also sport a price tag well over $150,000 or be available via subscription.

Goodman also spoke of Polestar’s electric-car strategy with regard to design. The COO said Polestar cars won’t go above and beyond to look overly futuristic.

“If we’re looking at a market worth 30 million cars within seven years, it isn’t going to be niche, it’s going to be mainstream. So you just design a great-looking car—not one with a big blue flash down the side,” he said.

Volvo 40.2 concept

The Polestar 2’s final design will likely mirror the Volvo 40.2 concept, which rides on Volvo’s Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform for compact cars. After the 2, Polestar will launch the 3, which will be a larger electric crossover SUV model. The Polestar 2 will likely debut sometime in 2019.

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