The Pagani Zonda lives, again, with the 1-of-1 Riviera

Just over one week ago, we proclaimed that the Pagani Zonda lived to die another day as the Italian supercar maker revealed yet another one-off special edition. But, here we are again with another bespoke Pagani Zonda.

Technically, the Zonda was supposed to exit production in 2013. However, the automaker seems keen on building to taste. Should a customer want a Zonda, a Zonda he or she shall get. The latest car is called the Pagani Zonda 1-of-1 Riviera and it takes inspiration from the côte d’azure: the French Riviera.

Like many Zondas that came before it, the Zonda Riviera arrives with a 7.3-liter V-12 engine sourced from Mercedes-AMG. The massive powerplant makes 760 horsepower and sounds absolutely delightful. Interestingly, however, this car is not a brand-new creation. The owner of this 1-of-1 car sent the Zonda to Italy for a complete transformation; the car was originally a yellow Zonda F.

Unfortunately, the low-resolution video above is the only visual aid available at the moment, but we hope to see official photos of the gorgeous car soon. It follows the Pagani Zonda Fantasma Evo, which was built for a “very special friend” of Pagani. As we said previously, we aren’t complaining about yet another gorgeous-looking Zonda roaming the roads. However, we will moan about the fact that we can’t afford one.

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