Noah Gragson apologizes for joking about wrecking other drivers

Dale Jr. comes to the defense of a young driver who caused controversy in an interview
Racer Chaser via Twitter

Jokes, humor and sarcasm can be very hard to pull off.

Noah Gragson found that out the hard way.

An interview with Fox Sports carried this headline: Noah Gragson has a confession: ‘I tried to destroy as many people as I could while I was wrecking’

There’s only one issue — Gragson was joking, and it appears that some people took him seriously.

Gragson took to Twitter, and apologized.

I have learned a lesson with my actions and will no longer joke around and use sarcasm in my interviews.

This would be like saying “Jimmie Johnson tried to wreck everyone in the clash race at Daytona on the last lap”

Obviously I do no intend to harm anyone.

No, he didn’t mean anyone any harm. The video — originally posted on Twitter — has been taken down.  The only remnants of the interview is a cached version on Google that contains the headline, but little else. One Twitter users managed a partial screen grab.

Still, he got some immediate support, including from Dale Jr. Noah, hope you don’t change. Sport needs all the personality is can handle. It was a brave attempt at humor.

Fans came to his defense, too.

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