The new world record for a continuous drift is unbelievably long

Jesse Adams is not one to shy away from a challenge, and he’s definitely not one to be outdone. This is why, after beating Harald Muller’s world record for the longest drift, he continued for another 200 laps. Someone is an overachiever in the coolest way possible.

The South African auto journalist took a Toyota GT86 down to a moist skid pad and began drifting . . . for five hours and 46 minutes. To give you an idea for scale, Muller drifted for two hours and 25 minutes, totaling a still-impressive 89.55 miles.

Still, Adams wasn’t in the mood to just do 90 miles and call it a day. Adams beat Muller’s record by well over 10 miles, drifting 102.5 miles in total. That’s almost the same as drifting, non-stop, from Atlanta, Georgia to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Adams would have broken the record by an even greater margin, but 48 of his 1,000 laps were disqualified. A thousand would have been a really nice, record-breaking number, but Adams will no doubt settle for his 952 laps and a world record.

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