The new C8 will be unlike every Corvette before it

It’s looking like GM will take the Corvette evolution one step further with a mid-engine design instead of the traditional front engine. That is if¬†Chief Corvette engineer Tadge Juechter’s prediction to CarBuzz a few years ago holds true.

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to mean giving up on the iconic Corvette snout. The fine artistic minds over at the Corvette Forum came up with a mockup of what the new C8 might look like, based on some spy shots of a heavily veiled version of the car:

This vision of the new C8 is still distinctly Corvette-like but with a few modern twists, like the massive vents under the headlights.

The new mid-engine C8 hearkens back to¬†Juechter’s statement to CarBuzz in Geneva a few years ago, when he said the front-engine format was played out from a design and performance standpoint.

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