NASCAR is all in on TrackBite

Settle in, maybe pop open a beer, because it’s time to talk about NASCAR road surfaces and traction. Specifically, let’s talk about VHT TrackBite; it’s also called PJ1 TrackBite.

The chemical compound improves traction on the circuit and allows for greater performance when cars are passing. VHT has already been used successfully at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol Tennessee and Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina.

Chief racing development officer Steve O’Donnell said fans can definitely expect to see more of the substance in the future, “It’s something for sure you could see.”

But the sticky substance isn’t 100 percent popular. No. 42, Kyle Larson, said VHT use in the bottom of the corners could just lead to all the drivers hugging the lower edges of the corners in a single-file line, and that doesn’t sound super exciting.

If this is used properly, and if the drivers race properly on it, it could lead to an exciting new chapter in NASCAR.

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