A multi-car crash suspends the Macau GT qualifying race

A huge pile-up on the opening lap of the Macau Gran Prix qualifying race led to the race being suspended.

The melee at the FIA GT World Cup qualifying race involved 16 cars being  damaged at Police Bend (one of the tightest parts of the 3.8-mile course), after Daniel Juncadella hit the wall as he attempted to exit the corner, according to motorsport.com.

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Rafaelle Marciello was fortunate enough to squeeze through the wreckage as he passed Juncadella’s Mercedes, but GT World Cup’s defending champ, Laurens Vanthoor, wasn’t quite as lucky. He crashed into Juncadella, blocking the road in what would be the beginning of a domino effect of chaos.

“I couldn’t see him (Juncadella) at first, then I saw the car standing still,” Vanthoor said. “I tried to brake but it was just under-steering and I couldn’t do anything. There’s room for one car there and you’re blind.”

Juncadella scraped against the barrier through the Reservoir kink at the start as he attempted to go around the outside of team-mate Edoardo Mortara for the lead, according to motorsport. The mix-up between the two paved the way for Engel to lead the restart when racing resumes.

Officials immediately red-flagged the race and attempted to cleanup the wreckage.

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