Motochimp GP is a chance for racers to really show what they’re made of

With a top speed of 20 whole mph and an electric motor that threatens to deafen even the most hardcore greater wax moths, it’s no wonder that the Motochimp brings out the true racing personality in everyone.

Are you a fair, play-by-the-books type or the dangerous, everything-is-on-the-table sort? Well, Top Gear‘s Chris Harris and Rory Reid discovered what kind of racers they truly are, and, to save you the suspense, Chris is definitely the bring home to mother type and Rory just plain cheated. No one seems bitter though, considering they were racing a D-cell battery with wheels and a headlight.

Either way you cut it, the Motochimp (Motochump?) proved capable on-road, off-road, in the catering line, and around corners.

It’s time to put Michael Schumacher on one of these and test his grit.

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