MG teases X-Motion SUV concept for China

MG X-Motion SUV concept for China

MG, the storied British marque known for its tiny sports cars here in the U.S., is now part of China’s SAIC. Only sports cars aren’t the plan moving forward. MG will show a new large SUV concept at the 2018 Beijing motor show later this month. Called the X-Motion, the SUV concept clearly takes inspiration from the E-Motion concept car shown last April at the auto show.

reported on Thursday that the production X-Motion should share its mechanicals with the Roewe RX8, a Chinese SUV that a SAIC brand also produces. The lone engine for the RX8 is a 2.0-liter turbo-4, which makes it a likely candidate for the new MG SUV.

MG X-Motion SUV concept for China

It’s unclear if the production MG X-Motion will be sold outside of China, but it will outsize the current ZS and GS models.

MG X-Motion SUV concept for China

Despite its Chinese ownership, MG still operates its design center in the United Kingdom. The facility has penned several new models for China before they rolled out to additional markets. The latest MG design language has moved to large grille with sleeker headlights and handsome lines. The E-Motion directly influenced the latest MG 6 mid-size sedan.

MG E-motion concept, 2017 Shanghai auto show [photo: Ronan Glon]

Alas, there’s no word on a new MG roadster. The brand best-known for its small droptops doesn’t have any plans for a modern reincarnation. However, the electric E-Motion concept may have a shot at production. As you can see from the photo above, it’s a good-looking car. Again, however, if the E-Motion does make it to market, that market is likely only China.

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