Mercedes-Benz Collection subscription starts trials in 2 US cities

Mercedes-Benz Collection subscription

Mercedes-Benz is the latest to jump on the car subscription bandwagon with the new service Mercedes-Benz Collection to start trials this June in Nashville, Tennessee and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the automaker confirmed Thursday.

It follows Mercedes’ announcement in March of the Mercedes me Flexperience subscription for the German market, as well as BMW’s announcement last week of the Access by BMW subscription trial, also for Nashville.

Still relatively new, car subscriptions typically involve subscribers paying a monthly fee that provides unlimited access to a selection of vehicles, and includes the costs of insurance, maintenance and pickup and delivery. Basically, you only need to pay extra for the fuel you use.

Mercedes-Benz Collection will provide subscribers with multiple subscription tiers, with the selection of vehicles varying for each tier. There could be additional services offered, too. Interestingly, each tier will provide access to some Mercedes-AMG models, Mercedes has confirmed. Specific details, including costs, will be announced closer to the launch of the service.

What we do know is that subscribers will enjoy unlimited access within their tier and no mileage limitations. The monthly subscription fee will also include insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance and all maintenance.

BMW’s subscription starts at $2,000 per month and includes a range of models ranging up to the 5-Series and X5 level. There are a handful of others in the game. Lincoln has cooked up a service based around its lightly used offerings. Porsche and Cadillac have programs, too, with Porsche’s program costing as much as $3,000 per month for its sports cars. Book by Cadillac was one of the first to be offered.

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Volvo has a different type of subscription program. Called Care by Volvo, the program sees subscribers keep a single vehicle for the subscription period, which means the costs are much lower. Care by Volvo currently starts at $600 per month for an XC40 and will soon include the V60 wagon.

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