Mercedes-AMG lets you say it with puddle lamps

Here in the States, we have a fascination with car badging. We want others to know the make and model of our cars. Automakers allow you to shout this from the roadways with badging, decals, and now all sorts of lighting options. Mercedes-Benz offers a giant lighted star for the nose of its vehicles, so the look-at-my-brand game can continue well into the evening. Now Mercedes-AMG is taking it a step further by refining its own puddle lamps.

Mercedes-AMG will outfit your vehicle with LED projector lamps placed on the lower portion of each front door. When the door is opened, the light projects an image of the AMG logo onto the ground. In fact, it makes the logo look like it’s presented in 3D. It’s a neat party trick, certainly, but it could be viewed as tacky.

It’s not just for AMG owners. Mercedes-Benz offers the optional light show for its standard models as well. Knowing how some folks like to slap AMG badges on their non-AMG Benz vehicles, we wouldn’t be surprised if the company sells a few AMG projectors to standard car customers.

It won’t be long before someone updates these puddle lamp projectors so they can play GIFs or display emojis. Hopefully, at that time the price of an AMG E63 wagon without the projector lamps will begin dropping.

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