Meet the folks behind the world’s first Tesla Model S wagon

A company by the name of QWest Norfolk based in the United Kingdom late last year completed development of a wagon conversion for the Tesla Model S.

The company is a carbon fiber specialist and chose to use the lightweight stuff for the modifications on its Model S, with some of the carbon fiber visible once the tailgate is lifted.

The Model S wagon, which QWest refers to as a shooting brake, was featured recently in a video from YouTube channel . In it, we learn that with the flat roof on top, rear seat headroom is given a serious boost. There’s also a panoramic window installed at the rear to allow more light to filter into the cabin, and QWest says the design should prove more aerodynamic than the Model S sedan.

QWest is happy to make the conversion for any Model S owners keen on increasing space in the rear of their electric sedans. The process takes about 10 weeks and requires the car to be shipped to QWest’s facility in Norfolk. It doesn’t come cheap, though. The starting price for the conversion is $84,000, for which you could buy a whole Model X. But that price could be reduced depending on how many conversions QWest handles.

Interestingly, we know of at least two more firms working on Model S wagon conversions. One is a Dutch firm by the name of RemetzCar and the other is Italian coachbuilder Ares, which is also preparing a Model S convertible conversion.

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