McLaren names Indy 500 winner as new chief test driver

Kenny Bräck

McLaren’s next-generation of sports cars and supercars will first be handed to Kenny Bräck.

The British automaker announced Wednesday that the Swedish racing driver is now chief test driver. He replaces long-time tester Chris Goodwin who last year joined Aston Martin.

The title comes with major responsibility: climb behind the wheel of numerous McLaren cars for development and testing. As part of the role, Bräck will also oversee fellow McLaren tester Gareth Howell and the McLaren dynamic development team.

Bräck certainly has the resume for such a position. The 52-year-old holds 35 years of experience in motorsport and has participated in IndyCar, CART, F3000, and rallying. He’s also been a test driver in Formula 1 and NASCAR, and has won the Indy 500. The retired racer has also previously worked with McLaren to help develop the 720S and Senna supercar.

McLaren P1 LM Nürburgring Lap Record

He was also the driver who last year set the Nürburgring record for a street-legal car driving the McLaren P1 LM.

McLaren didn’t provide added detail, but Bräck has also worked on future models before his recent appointment. Future models include a proper successor to the well-loved McLaren F1, currently code-named BP23.

“I am driven by a desire to win, to achieve results; for me, the key dynamic traits needed to explore my own limits and those of a vehicle on a race track are predictability and consistency,” Bräck said of his appointment. “These elements are also fundamental for a road car to be both safe and satisfying and as a result, you’ll find them integral to the McLaren 720S and the McLaren Senna.”

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Bräck will be based at McLaren’s Woking headquarters, but his latest gig will see him travel to numerous test facilities the company uses to develop its cars.

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