This is what it looks like when a truck full of slime eels overturns on a road

Nightmarish? We would say so.

A truck full of so called slime eels overturned on an Oregon road and what happened next was something out of a horror movie.

Slime and eels everywhere.

The goo was all over the wheels of a fire truck.

If that’s not gross enough, how about the little boogers squirming everywhere?

Cleanup must have been gross.

How did this happen?

Here’s the account from the Oregonian:

The driver of the vehicle,¬†Salvatore Tragale, approached a construction zone when he couldn’t stop his truck in time. The barrels of the fish flew off the truck and broke open, leaving the tremendous mess.

Technically, as the Oregonian explained, these fish are only nicknamed slime eels. They’re really called hagfish, and they were ¬†on their way to Korea, where the fish were considered a delicacy. But when they’re in distress, theyit a slimy substance.

A truck accident is distress. And the eels reacted with the slime.

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