Lincoln taps Serena Williams as latest face for Navigator

Move over Matthew McConaughey. Lincoln has another face, and more specifically, it’s for the new Navigator. Ford’s luxury marque launched a new online social media campaign with tennis champion Serena Williams on Thursday.

The announcement doesn’t claim Williams will oust McConaughey, but she will be a new face for various online and social media content. The brand said Williams exemplifies many traits the SUV and Navigator customers cater to, specifically, balancing multiple portions of work, family life, and recreation.

The first ad released portrays a very different tone from the McConaughey television commercials. Where drama and intrigue fill McConaughey spots, Williams’ ad is brighter and bubbly. She also details her first luxury vehicle purchase, a white Lincoln Navigator she named “Ginger.”

The 2018 Navigator is off to a roaring start since its debut. Ford announced last week that it will boost Navigator production with a new $25 million investment at its Kentucky Truck Plant. In the automaker’s announcement, it said Navigators spend only seven days on dealers’ lots. The majority of conquest sales have come from Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover—notably, not Cadillac, which sells the Navigator’s most direct competitor, the Escalade.

The new content will reach Lincoln social channels and Williams’ own social media. Check out the first piece of content above.

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