Kyle Larson says the Chili Bowl is bigger than Daytona, for him

Kyle Larson shockingly says one race, for him, is “bigger” than Daytona
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Well, it is for him anyway.

Don’t get Kyle Lasron wrong. He loves NASCAR. He really does. But there’s a race that, for him, is bigger.

“The Chili Bowl is up there with the top races I want to win,” he said on SiriusXM radio. “Everybody knows I love dirt track racing. For me, the Chili Bowl is bigger than the Daytona 500. I know some fans, that might bum them out or think that I have a bad attitude when it comes to NASCAR, but there are some special dirt races I want to win and Chili Bowl is one of them.”

Larson is in the final, so he will get a chance to win the Chili Bowl. And. he’ll also race in Daytona, too.

Maybe he can win them both, and we’ll see which one he thinks is bigger, then.

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