Kes thinks a new inspection system could help Ford

An important change on the track has Keselowski thinking Ford might be able to compete after all
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Brad Keselowski has never been shy about discussing what he feels is an under-performing Ford when being compared to other manufacturers in NASCAR.

But with the announcement of a new inspection process, Keselowski feels he may have a chance to compete after all. The new Hawkeye system was implemented by NASCAR in hopes of leveling the playing field and Keselowski hopes that’s the case, according to¬†

“The biggest thing for me is seeing what happens with the Hawkeye system,” Keselowski said. “That will be the determining factor on what manufacturer is successful this year.”

“If the Hawkeye system comes in working fully I think we will see a very level playing field in 2018 and we are capable of winning,” added Keselowski.

Keselowski isn’t the only driver that feels the change will allow all drivers and even chance to succeed. Fellow Ford driver Kurt Busch agrees with Keselowski and hopes the new system works.

“It will be taking out more of the human element now,” Busch said. “With the way that the LIS (laser image scanning) platform is with laser-inspection, you hope that it is the same for everybody.”

“I hope it will level the playing field when it comes to tech-inspection,” Busch added.

The new system diagnoses a car within 90 seconds and uses 16 cameras with eight projectors in a tent.

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